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Speciality Machinery & Power Tools for the Aerospace Industry

Townend Aerospace Tool Company, Inc. has been in the business of innovation. Over the past years, it has built many "one-of-a-kind" machines and systems. The company's goal is to provide our customers with a product of the highest quality with "On-Time" delivery at a competitive price and the desired profit margin.

To "Continuously Improve" our market share of products and services offered to customers by utilizing the technologies available in order to do so.

As a result, Townend Aerospace Tool Company has assumed a familiar role as the innovated leader in the field of automated fastener installation systems. The ITC Aerospace Division specializes in the manufacturing, rebuilding, and repair of automated machines, automated assembly equipment, robotic systems, and hand and power tools utilized by aerospace manufacturers.

Townend Aerospace Tool Company can work to customer furnished drawings, and maintains a design staff highly competent in engineering practices.

Townend Aerospace Tool Company draws on the strengths of its employees. United by a philosophy that freely encourages teamwork, innovation, and pride in workmanship, Townend Aerospace Tool Company offers an impressive diversity of products and a growing list of satisfied customers.

Located in Lawndale, California, Townend Aerospace Tool Company has delivered product identification solutions for a broad range of aerospace needs since 1987. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

Townend Aerospace Tool Company serves various segments of the aerospace industry; it offers expertise in the design and manufacture of automated systems, which install rivets, and other fasteners in a variety of aircraft components. The ITC-M-Series Mini-Riveter is one of several standard riveters produced by Townend Aerospace Tool Company. Many applications, however, demand custom engineering, and Townend Aerospace Tool Company answers with automated riveting systems, which are unsurpassed in their level of technology, control systems, and ease of use.

Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible, to establish the highest levels of trust, and to maintain your complete satisfaction by delivering a quality product on time at a competitive price.

When it comes to customer service, we try to make you feel like a member of the Townend Aerospace Tool Company team.

ITC Aerospace Division specializes in the design and building of automatic fastener installation systems.

ITC Aerospace Division products include:

"C" Frame Machines

Knee Style Machines

Nut Plate and Dome Nut Installation Machines

Part Positioning Systems

Portable Drill and Rivet Machines and Fastener Feeding Systems

The ITC Aerospace mini-riveter is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The portable unit operates from 110 volt AC power and standard shop air pressure. It is ideal for small hand-held parts that have only a few fasteners and therefore have not been produced on large automatic machines. The unit is also available for use as an end effector tool. It can be mounted on a manipulator arm or a robot for complete automatic assembly of a wide range of parts. Fasteners can be fed to the machine from bowl feed systems or by mini-hoppers, which mount to the side of the machine.

"C" Frame machines with throat depths from 36 to 120 inches have been produced. Machines with clamp forces up to 1000 pounds and upset forces up to 20,000 pounds are available. Machines can be fed fasteners from mini-hoppers or automatically from fastener feeding systems. Machines with Statistical Process Control (SPC) data collection are available. Upset type fasteners, two-piece fasteners and blind fasteners can be installed.

Knee Style machines are available in a variety of configurations. Single and dual spindle machines can be produced with 48, 60, or 72-inch throat depths. The knee style machine allows automatic fastening of high curvature parts, leading edges, and ducts. The slender knee can reach into small openings and therefore fasten many parts that cannot be produced on a "C" frame machine. A variety of standard straight and offset anvils are available. Anvils can rotate 360 degrees to install fasteners in hard to reach areas.

Nut plate and dome nut installation systems range in size and scope from small stand alone machines to complete cells that install dome nuts into a complete ship set of parts. Nut plate machines are available in both "C" Frame and Knee Styles. Tooling for a large variety of nut plates and dome nuts has been developed. Universal machines that operate in the nut plate installation mode and also standard rivet installation mode are available. Single and dual spindle systems can be provided. The nut plate center hole can be drilled or if it is predrilled it can be used to locate the part for nut plate installation. Quick changeover tooling is available so that a wide range of nut plates can be installed. The nut plate-mounting hole spread can be selected from the machine operator's control console.

Nut plates or dome nuts are fed from vibratory feed units directly into the lower anvil assembly. After the mounting holes are drilled, the nut plate is elevated into position for riveting it to the assembly.

Large riveting systems with multi-axis part positioners are available. Floor mounted or overhead part positioners range in size from a few feet to up to 40 feet of travel. Three-, four-, and five-axis systems have been produced. Complete fastening cells include the riveter, multi-axis part positioner, fastener feeding system, and overall cell controller. Parts are often loaded into picture frame type holding fixtures and then are manipulated into the correct fastening location by the part positioner. Fastener location data may be downloaded from a computer database.

Fastener feeding systems are available from a few feeding units to large multiple bowl systems. Standard rivets, slug rivets, blind fasteners, and two-piece fasteners can all feed in fastener-feeding systems. Grip length sensors can measure the stack thickness and the correct grip length fastener can be sent to the machine automatically. Fasteners are sent to the machine through large diameter tubing that allows the fasteners to tumble. The large tubing prevents fasteners from jamming in the tubing as they travel from the bowl system to the fastening machine. The fasteners are then oriented at the machine and injected into the anvil fingers.

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We are conveniently located near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and several major freeways.

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